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Stocking Stuffers They’ll Actually Want

You’ve hung the stockings by the chimney with care. You hope that St. Nicholas soon will be there, but oh wait…you’re St. Nick! Time is running out; there’s no time to order! We may not have reindeer, but you’ve no need to fear. We’ve got just the stuff for stocking this year! Perhaps, you can call us the Christmas supporters.


Qalo Rings

Qalo rings are the perfect stocking stuffer for busy or active spouses. These silicone wedding bands can be worn during just about anything without fear of ruining or losing precious diamonds. Wear them while rock climbing, cooking, practicing yoga, swimming and just about anything else. They’re the rings that can keep up.


SOL gear

Our new line of outdoor survival gear “Survive Outside Longer” makes perfect stocking stuffers. Got a hiker, a hunter or a camper in your fam? Then they’ll love finding SOL in their stockings. You’ll find everything from all-weather fire starters to blister remedies to survival kits at Elliott’s.  We also carry compact medical kits, a wise addition to any adventure.

*available in-store only


Carhartt Beanie

In the past year, these once purely practical beanies have sort of blown up. They’re simple, go with anything and now they’re kinda fashionable. Look around. The person next to you is probably wearing one. Fashion or not, Carhartt beanies are a no brainer. Everyone wants their head to stay warm during the winter, and since they’re Carhartt, you know they’re quality.


Simply Southern Lip Balm Holder/Key Ring

This is the perfect invention for girls everywhere. These little key rings have a handy pocket for lip balm, so you don’t have to be that one girl with the lip balm in every picture. They’re super affordable too, which is a major plus for stocking stuffers, and they come in all kinds of fun Simply Southern patterns.


FITS or Darn Tough Socks

We guarantee just about any of our employees will tell you these are some of their favorite socks. These socks were built to last because no one likes holes in the bottom of their socks! Most FITS styles feature a padded bottom to keep your feet extra happy during long days. Darn Tough offer more lightweight options and some padded footbed options as well. Like the name implies, their claim to fame is their durability.


Yeti Camp Mug or Hydro Flask Bottle

Everyone can use drinkware. Yeti and Hydro Flask are the gifts that keep on giving. They can use it daily for their morning coffee or their daily use water bottle. The best thing about both these gifts? They’re super well insulated. So that coffee will stay hot and that water or whatever it is will stay cold. You could certainly wrap these gifts and put them under the tree, but they’ll be an extra nice surprise in someone’s stocking. Plus, they come in plenty of fun colors now!


Elliott’s Gift Card

Let’s face it, everyone’s favorite thing to find in their stocking is a gift card. Give them the gift of choice with an Elliott’s gift card, and save yourself the trouble of figuring out what to buy them.

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