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Proudly Made in the USA

Just like Bruce Springsteen said, “Maaaade in the USA.” Okay, maybe he didn’t quite say that, but close enough!

The phrase “Made in China” is probably all too familiar to you at this point. Not that long ago, in the 1960’s, Americans were producing 98% of their shoes in the U.S.  Today, more than 90% of shoes sold in the USA are imported.

We believe it’s important to support industry within the USA, and Elliott’s Boots is proud to carry a wide selection of products made in the U.S. With the Fourth of July coming up, we wanted to highlight some of our American made or assembled products.

      1. Danner Boots

Danner began making during the Great Depression in Wisconsin. Today, they continue to manufacture and design a full line of hiking, hunting, uniform, work and lifestyle boots in the country where it all began at their Portland, Oregon factory.

      2. Sockwell socks

All Sockwell socks are made in the USA. These compression socks utilize American wool from merino sheep and are crafted within American knitting mills. So, you can feel good about supporting American farmers and crafters when you purchase from Sockwell.

      3. Lucchese

The majority of Lucchese boots are handmade in El Paso, TX. You won’t find a “made in China” label on any Lucchese products that aren’t made right here in the USA. Any products not produced in the U.S. are handmade in Italy.

   4. Fits Socks

These Merino Wool socks are all proudly made and designed in the USA. They come in a variety of styles from casual, hiker, ski to business, and you can even purchase them in patriotic prints!

    5. Justin Boots

Justin has been making boots since 1879. While not all of their shoes are made in the USA, they have a wide selection of American made boots. You can find them by the seal “Made in the USA with Global Parts.”

6. Chippewa Boots

Chippewa Boots are assembled in the USA. The brand recently faced a lawsuit in California for failing to mention that their boots contain imported parts. Their shoes are now advertised as “handcrafted in the U.S.A. with imported parts.” Regardless, we love that this company supports American workers by assembling their boots right here.

  7. Keen

Keen’s American Built line includes around 25 Keen styles assembled in the U.S. in Portland, Oregon. “Employing American workers to build boots for the American workforce,” Keen’s site says about the collection.

8. Filson

For over a century, Filson has been making high quality products in the U.S. It’s not a tradition they intend to break anytime soon. They continue to manufacture their goods in the USA with a flagship factory in Seattle, Washington.

9. Carhartt (made in the USA collection)

While not all of Carhartt’s products are made in the U.S., they still uphold the tradition of American made apparel with their “Made in the USA” collection. The collection includes boots, jackets, shirts, socks and more. The collection is made relatively local to us at factories in Kentucky and Tennessee.

10. Thorogood

Over half (65%) of Thorogood’s inventory is still made in the U.S.  One thing that makes this company unique is that their American made footwear is still produced in one of two union factories in Wisconsin that have been making Thorogood boots since 1892.

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