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Meet our Elliott’s Brand Ambassadors

We’re proud to announce the newest members of the Elliott’s family – our brand ambassadors! We’re thankful for such a supportive and passion community that made choosing just six ambassadors incredibly hard. We want to extend a thank you to everyone who applied and encourage you to keep telling your friends about Elliott’s. We hope to expand our ambassador program in the future, so we can include even more of you wonderful customers.

For now, we’re excited to partner with six ambassadors to help spread the word about our company. We admire these six individuals’ adventurous spirits and commitment to their community, and we think you’ll admire them too! Without further ado, we introduce our Elliott’s Ambassadors – while you’re getting to know them, feel free to follow them on social!

Sean Fisher

Sean is a Tennessee native with a love for all things outdoors & photography.  Though he lives in the city of Nashville, it’s equally as common he can be found out in the southern back-country capturing all outdoor aspects of the state behind the lens. With a love for good craft and things of authenticity, his passion is telling a visual story – he hopes to paint an adventurous picture of the south that often goes unnoticed.


Lauren Ownby

Lauren was born and raised in Knoxville, TN (Go Big Orange!) and loves every moment of it. Currently, she’s a large animal vet tech which means she gets to love on horses and livestock all day long and provide medical care alongside talented veterinarians. She recently got engaged to the love of my life, Kenny, and they’re getting married in April 2019! In her spare time, she enjoys being around animals, going outdoors, golfing, fashion, and spending quality time with her fiancé and family!



Landry Evans

Landry is a senior at ETSU majoring in Biology. He’s also a part time employee at Elliott’s in Morristown. He loves the outdoors, snowboarding is his favorite! But he enjoys fishing, hiking, and much more. He can’t wait to share his experiences with you all!


Briley Wright

Briley is a nursing student at Lee University. She loves country music, shopping, and adventuring with friends.


Ron Roskelly

Ron is a sixth grade science teacher in rural Appalachia. He enjoys sharing his outdoor adventures with my students, friends, and family on social media. If you ask him, there is nothing better than knowing he’s inspired someone else to get outside! Join in on the adventure as he hike, kayak, and rock climb his way through the surrounding mountains in East Tennessee!



Alyssa Cooper

Alyssa lives in Chattanooga, TN. Her love for the outdoors grew exponentially when she moved to Chattanooga for college and began exploring the beautiful scenery right in her own backyard. She have a growing bucket list of hikes here and around the world that she’s determined to tackle, including a lofty goal of visiting all 60 National Parks in her lifetime! If you have any recommendations let her know!


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